Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Three CADWCA (Craft a Day While Colt's away) #3, 4 and 5

Good Morning Friends.  We had a very busy weekend, Volleyball playoff game and I got all my Halloween things down, boxed up and put away.(7 large plastic rubbermaid containers!!)  Well, I am doing something this year that I have NEVER done BEFORE!  I am decorating for Chistmas and will have it all completed by the 12th of November.  We are going out of town for Thanksgiving and why not go ahead and get it done so I will enjoy it for 7 weeks instead of usual 3?  (Please no hate comments for this! I am trying to distract myself!)  With our Son Colt in Iraq this year, we are trying to make our life Merry and Bright for all of us! 
I have about 25 Large Containers and 2 Large U-haul boxes. Okay guys, not a hoarder, but I have 32 years of collections and my husband has a wonderfully huge shop with great storage shelves.   I also had some wonderful help thank goodness!  My daughter Maisie and her boyfriend Saige, so kindly helped me get it all done.  My hubby and a Friend got all the lights up on our 2 story house and are starting to put lights in about 20 trees around the property.  I will post pictures after it is all lit up! 

So as promised to myself, I am going to do a craft a day while Colt is away.  I did a very small one, The Peppermint Tree,  Sunday but was to pooped out to do the pictures and post. I did the Christmas Card Picture on Monday and this morning the Sparkly Candle Redo.   (This may happen more than once people or I was thinking about 7 days in one post?)  Any thoughts on this?)

For this one I took and old vase, filled it with Large Peppermint Sticks and put 2 twig things I have in it.
I call it my Peppermint Tree.  You could put Twigs or Real Branches and hang you pictures, ornaments or whatever you want on it.

This is so Easy!  Used a Favorite Frame, took the Pic out and added a Christmas Card I had.

For this last project I took 2 candles from the dollar tree.  I then used the double-sided sticky 
  tape and put it on the top and bottom of my candle. My tape was about 1" wide.   I rolled them in Crystal and Red Seed Beads leaving the middle exposed for Ribbon.  No need to waste Tape and Beads.

I then added some ribbon around the middle,  broke off the jump ring from 2 cross charms I had.
Here they are on my Silver Candle holders.
Everyone of you have a blessed and wonderful day today!  I am planning on that myself!  Love you all.


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  1. Cute and very thrifty! Great job! Stopping by from Tip Junkie.

  2. Ooh, three adorable things in one post! I say go ahead and group them, it's fun this way. As for early decorating, I am sure you won't get any hate comments, just kudos. Only a Scrooge would be that rude. I adore the candy cane twiggy tree so much, my fave of the day!

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  4. Fabulous!!!! Thanks so much for linking this up to gettin' crafty on hump day! :)

  5. Oh How Beautiful..
    Thankyou for sharing at the PA Blog

  6. Thanks for linking up to the Saturday Mornings Strut Your Stuff Party! I came back to visit, follow, and say hello! http://danajeanward.blogspot.com

  7. You will be all set to enjoy the holidays now that your decorations are done. Thanks for coming to visit me; blessings to your family and especially your son this Thanksgiving! Following you back...

  8. I so love what you did with the candles! And I'm a bit jealous you get to enjoy Christmas longer, LOL.

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