Friday, January 28, 2011

Joining my First Blog Hop~~Kinda Scary~~

Good Friday Morning everyone!  I have decided to join in my first EVER Blog Hop.  This one is exciting and kinda scary because it's a Blog Review party.  This means, these lovely ladies or gents come visit you, look around your little blog and then hopefully, in a nice way tell you ways to improve, what the like, etc. etc...Will these people like your blog, will they like me?  so STRESSFUL!!
I've only been doing this blog for about 4 months and I know there are many things to improve on.  I myself enjoy it for the meeting of new people and the wonderful, new friends I have met.  I am okay with my blog in the safety of it's page, but will other people enjoy it. (And truthfully, I am just excited and surprised as heck that I got this thing to work!  Because, the computer and myself do not get along!) So, you know, what the heck, I'm going to give this a try. 

Please give Gail @My Repurposed Life and MeganDVD @Beauty in the Attempt a Look and Shout out at their Amazing blogs also!!  Thank you Ladies for hosting this Hop!! You are welcome to join the party here......

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shabby Lil Chic Wreath!

Okay guys, I tell you how this started.  Awhile back I saw a coffee Filter wreath in Bloggyworld..Didn't save the picture or the site, SORRY, but it has just been stuck in my head.  I had about 15 coffee filters, not enough to make the wreath, so I added what paper I had.  Brown paper lunch sacks and Paper towels. 
Poured my leftover pot of coffee over ALL of them in a large bowl.  Let them sit a couple of minutes, pulled them out and put them outside to dry.  After they were totally dry, folded them in triangles and rolled into little flower looking shapes.  Stuffed!!! and I mean pushed them into a Grapevine Garland that I left rolled in a circle.
 Didn't have a wreath and it worked great, just more dense and hard to get that paper into.  Well Ladies, this is a FAVE...looks like a vintage paper, french ephemera, shabby chic...  I may glitter the heck outta the little edges, but am enjoying it's soothing, plainness right now. 

Many Blessings,
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I am still here and Missed you ALL!!

Well Hello everyone, how have you all been?  I have fallen off the blog band wagon since...DEC. 14th!!
As some of you know, I have a series A Craft a Day While Colt's Away.  Had made the commitment to do a craft every day till he gets back from Iraq.  WELL, life and daily doings overtake us and this has turned into something I cannot do.  Yes, I could totally avoid laundry, meals, errands, bills, etc...and craft all the time, but this isn't possible.  I was avoiding things and family trying to keep up with this crazy idea I had.  I had things in December to do, you know Christmas, parties, church, gift buying, Christmas Dinner and all and my blog and projects were put on hold.  I am now going to do the crafts when time allows and get back into the enjoyment of it, instead of it being a struggle.  (I can do the craft, but then there's the picture taking, editing, posts and that is a job in itself!) 
We have also made the decision to sell our home which we built 3 years ago and is too big for the hubby and I to take of with the five acres and especially since our last little child will graduate in a year.  I have been getting ready for the Realtor and boy, you live in a house differently than when you show it.  So closets have been gone thru, rooms painted and those dust bunnies!  I had a pack of them living in places you wouldn't think off!  We are going to downsize from a 4300 sf house to a smaller one and get an RV and drive the country with our dogs, remember Angus and Winston?  My husband's job requires a telephone and computer, so we have decided to trade the big house and all the work that goes with it and get more simple.  Isn't spending your time doing something enjoyable really important?  So in 2011, we are making big changes and looking forward to them.  So, Happy Belated New Year to you all.  I will be posting the projects as they come to me and what I have missed most is your company and friendship.
And remember, don't get stuck on something that doesn't work!