Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scary Sleigh Turned Leopard!! #35 in the CADWCA series

I'm BACK!!!!  2 words...Computer Virus!  I have missed all of you so much!
Okay, #35 in the Craft a Day While Colt's Away!
  I had this Sleigh that I picked up at a Garage Sale. I have had it for 5 years and never used it at Christmas, cause..I wasn't digging the Snowman.  Kinda SCARY to me?? I really don't know why!  So I said, this is the year that you get a Makeover my Friend!  Here it is before..You tell me if you think he looks kinda crazy..... 
Before, the Armless, Scary, Disproportionate Snowman...

And After...Leopard Print, Red Paint and New Ribbons!  I love you so much more...
Everyone, be good to yourself and I am thinking of you all!
Blessings,  Denise....

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa Baby..Glittered Goodness! #34 in CADWCA series

Morning to you all!  I went kinda Glitter Crazy today!! WoOhOoOO! I enlarged a Vintage Postage to Full Page size and printed it off my computer.  Well, my color is gone in my printer...Started to color it with pencils, then it hit me..GLITTER!! Covered the sucker..Then painted a small canvas board black and what else??? Glittered that! then attached the Santa and Rudolph with Modpodge and framed it with these Metal stick on borders I got at a Hobby Lobby sidewalk sale.. Very Sparkly, Very Shiny and Very GLITTERY!! 
{It looks better in person, one of those cases where the camera doesn't do it justice...}

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Monday, December 6, 2010

3 Microscopic Slide Pendants-#31, 32, 33 in a CADWCA series

Hi all my wonderful, crazy, hilarious, SWEET and lovely peeps in Bloggy Land.  I was crazy for the glass slide pendants when they all hit the stores and since I had done some stained glass a LONG time ago, I found my old soldering iron and supplies and have made quite a few. (SANTA, my iron is 30+ years old and this would be a Nice present.
I decided to make some Christmas ones for the Daughter and Myself.  I will share a secret..... get online and type in Microscopic Lab Slides.  These are what I use..CHEAP!!! I have a whole box of 200 for 7.96 and that was about 3 years ago.  But beware, these are thin and break easily, especially when you are burnishing the edges that have the copper foil on them.  Pop, Crack, Break...don't press down unless it's on a flat surface...and the hardest part is getting the jump ring on the top of the pendant for me.  A little trying in the patience department, but I love them once they are done. 
 Okay, here they are and if you have any questions, give me a ring on the email.

I printed off a vintage Santa, glittered him...of COURSE! Remember the saying?? "Glitter makes EVERYTHING, BETTER!!
Put on my words and used a Snowman punch and  inked letters spelling, "Snow" on the backs. 
Here they are all Foiled up with the Copper tape.  Sandwich your two Papers between 2 slides and squeeze really hard when your applying your copper tape.
Here the 3 are after Soldering and attached with a silver ball chain!
 Sorry for the glare..Santa are you listening?? This lady needs a new camera please!!!!
Many Blessings to all of you...

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"Christmas Cheer" in an Old Milk Bottle-#30 in a Craft a Day While Colt's Away!

Well, it's been one month since our Son, Colt, left for Iraq..I have made a Craft a Day, honestly, it's more like 3 one day, 1 the next, 5 the next so on...But I will have completed 365 by the time he is home.  What the Heck am I going to do with them, but I do have 30 so far!  I feel a giveaway or two in the very near future!!

I have this Wonderful Old Milk Jug sitting in my Pantry. Can you believe that people used to get milk this Way?!! I put Red Beads, Glittery Ribbon and lights in it and made me a bottle full of
"Christmas Cheer!"

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm Back and Rolling with the Holidays! 9 Projects today Gals! #21-29 in CADWCA Series.

Hello again, I'm back from the Thanksgiving break and have missed you all!  It's December 1st, Oh my, panic!! But I am vowing to enjoy each and everyday and remember the reason for the season. So here are the latest in my series, Craft a Day While Colt's Away.  I did a few before I left and a few when I got back.  Get that coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy this ride.  This is a long post....9 Projects in all!
Okay, for the first three, I used Feed sack Dish Towels I got at the Dollar Store.  3 LARGE towels for 2.50..
I made a small pillow, used embossing ink and powder. I heated the sack and actually burned it to give it an aged look.
Made a Large "Joy" pillow using Freezer Paper to make the Stencil and Red Acrylic paint
I saw this Ho to the Third power (Ho, Ho, Ho) in a Boutique in Dallas and made one for my Oven Door.
Used Freezer Paper to make a Stencil, Red Acrylic Paint and Glitter Glue to Outline.
Simple Dollar Store Tags, Aged with Distressing Inks and Stamped with Christmas Words and Numbers.
I'm using them on my Christmas Packages
I took two Colors of Scrapbook Paper and cut them to equal size. I used Embossing Ink and Powder to monogram them with the Letter J in Silver.  Tied the 9 pieces together with ribbon to make a tag pad 
I used an Old Silver Tray from Goodwill that I got for a $1.00--I put a piece of Scrapbook Paper on the bottom and used my bottle caps to make magnets.
More Bottle caps with Scrapbook Paper and Glitter.  Attached to a $1.00 unfinished Michael's frame painted Black.  Covered the paper insert with Scrapbook paper.  Waiting for a picture...
This is a $1.00 Michael's Wood Cross that I painted Black and added Different Colored Marbles too..

And lastly, I took a canvas board that my Daughter, Maisie had painted and distressed.  There are so many wonderful layers, textures and colors on it.  I just put old Metal pieces on it and used more Bottle Cap magnets to make a sweet and interesting note holder! This is my favorite! Junky and Colorful.
Make it a Wonderful Day. 

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Wonderful, Blog Friends!!!  I am in the Dallas Area, with my 2 Brothers and families enjoying Thanksgiving . Missing and thinking of our Son Colt who is in Iraq this year.  First time in 26 years he is not here, but we are truly thinking of him and of what a fine young man he is.  We are very proud of you Colt and will celebrate BIG time next Holiday Season.

Also....I am doing a Craft a Day While Colt's Away Series as most of you know.  Well, being away for 4 days this is Temporarily on Hold until I return!  (Imagine that noise on your TV when there is an interruption!) " Sorry, we are experiencing Technical Difficulties.............We will return to our Scheduled program momentarily! "

Have a Wonderful Holiday Friends!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dreadful Topiary turned into Fab Chicken Roost!! #20 in the CADWCA Series

Happy Wednesday all.  Today I took a poor, dreadful, neglected topiary frame that was sitting on our deck and Recycled, Repurposed and now I ReLove it!!  She used to have Fake Green Ivy on her, but lost ALL of it!  So I gave her new life as my Christmas Ball Topiary Tree!
Here is the Poor Girl Before....
I wrapped the form with Ribbon so it would Hold the Balls
I used leftover's I had and Target $1.00 balls for a pkg of 6
(Target Dollar Aisle people!!)

And here she is in All her New Christmas Glory!

I think Christmas Chicken found a New Place to Roost!!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

$2.50 Target Bling Frame/Black and White -#19 in the Series Craft a Day While Colt's Away

Hi Everyone!  I took a $2.50 Frame from Target, (head over to their dollar aisle, there is alot of Great things there!) It already had all of this lovely bling on it!  I put in Polka Dot Black and White Paper for the background and then glued my Black and White objects directly onto the glass.  Grab whatever you have in a color scheme and get busy!

Here it is on my Red, White and Black Snowmen Table..

Monday, November 22, 2010

GLUE and GLITTER Monogram Letters and 3 more projects. (CADWCA) #15,16,17 & 18

Well Good Monday to you all!  Hope you are all ready for Thanksgiving Week! I know I am. My daughter and I are heading to the Dallas area to be with the Brothers and Families for Thanksgiving.  So, here are the latest in the Series, Craft a Day While Colt's Away.  Everyone have a great day for me, Okay!!
I used Three Wedding Favor Tins from the Dollar Tree, added Scrapbook Paper, Letters to spell "Joy",  Ribbon and Christmas Balls.  I then set it inside my Berry Wreath..
I took Cardstock and Craft Paper, Stitched them together on my Sewing Machine with  Decorative Stitch's, added the Word "NOEL" with Scrabble Tiles, a few Crystals and Leopard Ribbon
I made a "Merry Christmas" banner with Cardstock, Craft Paper, Glitter and Ribbon

"Merry Christmas" on the Wall

Here is #18, My Favorite and OH SO EASY!!
Take some Glue, Wax Paper and Glitter! Okay, Everyone Scream, GLITTER!!
Draw your Monogram with the Glue onto the Wax Paper and Cover in GLITTER!
Allow to dry overnight and you will have Glitter Monogram Letters.
I added Crystals and Beads to a Christmas Hanger for added Panache..
I LOVE THEM!!  Gonna make more of these babies..

Everyone have a Blessed Day!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

3 Christmas Projects= (CADWCA #12, 13 &14)

Hi Everyone! Here are 3 (Craft a Day While Colt's Away) Christmas Crafts for you to hopefully Enjoy! 14 down, 351 to go.....  Make sure to go to the bottom of this post...I think you'll like #3...

#12---I took 2 Black Garage Sale Pillowcases, attached Harlequin Ribbon with a decorative stitch .
#13---I painted 3 Paper Mache Boxes in Turquoise, Lime Green ,Red, antiqued them and...GLITTER!  Let's say it together O.K. "Glitter Makes Everything Better!"
Here is my Dr. Seuss Christmas Village.
#14---I LOVE how my next project turned out. I used three old Bottles, the large one was a Log Cabin Syrup bottle from 1976, celebrating the centennial. Here are two before. Blah...
Okay guys, here they are now!
(You can click on my pictures for a larger view.)

I took old seed bead stretch bracelets apart and added them to misc. beads I had.  Printed off the #1,2 & 3 and aged them.  The Large metal thing is an old drawer pull plate.  The other silver embellishments are guess.....Old EARRINGS.  From the 80's Dynasty Era!  Some of you will remember this! Added Ribbon and for Toppers, My Old Porcelain Cabinet Drawer Knobs that I saved from our Kitchen Redo. 
You may have seen it here first....Seed Bead Bottles!  I have a High Window in my Bath that I am going to set them on the ledge to catch the morning sun...
Many Blessings...

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