Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Wonderful, Blog Friends!!!  I am in the Dallas Area, with my 2 Brothers and families enjoying Thanksgiving . Missing and thinking of our Son Colt who is in Iraq this year.  First time in 26 years he is not here, but we are truly thinking of him and of what a fine young man he is.  We are very proud of you Colt and will celebrate BIG time next Holiday Season.

Also....I am doing a Craft a Day While Colt's Away Series as most of you know.  Well, being away for 4 days this is Temporarily on Hold until I return!  (Imagine that noise on your TV when there is an interruption!) " Sorry, we are experiencing Technical Difficulties.............We will return to our Scheduled program momentarily! "

Have a Wonderful Holiday Friends!


  1. Hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, even though you are without your son, Denise.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you my new friend! Your son and your family are in our prayers today.

  3. That's nice that you're able to spend the holidays with your siblings. Is there anything special for people in the military on Thanksgiving or is it just another day? I hope your son got to have a nice meal!