Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dreadful Topiary turned into Fab Chicken Roost!! #20 in the CADWCA Series

Happy Wednesday all.  Today I took a poor, dreadful, neglected topiary frame that was sitting on our deck and Recycled, Repurposed and now I ReLove it!!  She used to have Fake Green Ivy on her, but lost ALL of it!  So I gave her new life as my Christmas Ball Topiary Tree!
Here is the Poor Girl Before....
I wrapped the form with Ribbon so it would Hold the Balls
I used leftover's I had and Target $1.00 balls for a pkg of 6
(Target Dollar Aisle people!!)

And here she is in All her New Christmas Glory!

I think Christmas Chicken found a New Place to Roost!!

Heading over to The Thrifty Home Penny Pinching Party!


  1. Love the pink and the addition of the Christmas Chicken! Oh, and look at those orderly link party buttons! I'm glad you were able to make sense of my rambling email. Happy Holidays to you, too. It looks like your'e much more prepared than I am...such neat decorations you're coming up with!

  2. This is so fun! What a huge impact with a few crafting supplies. I love the shape of the topiary, and how you made the most of the two-tier look.

  3. Too cute- your mind is full of ideas! Mine is filled w/clutter...

  4. That is uber cool!! I am also in love with that sweet chicken on yours!

  5. Adore your Topiary, so adorable, well done! Jen